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Outsource to experts, focus on mission

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When getting your business started, be mindful that you will *want* to do everything yourself – it’s exciting! However, outsource to experts to save your time and energy for the mission of your venture. Save yourself from the business of doing business; you’ll be much more cost effective right away!


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Don’t be afraid to introduce people you meet looking for jobs to your work peers. Next time you are looking for work, they will be the first to help you out!

cover letters

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If you are writing a cover letter, make sure you aren’t repeating what a recruiter already sees in your resume!  Use the cover letter to share new and unique experiences that the company will find value in!

happiness is.

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Staying organized during a job search is very important whether you keep the files on your computer or print out hard copies into file folders. You need to keep a copy of all the materials you send out so that you can easily reference them during a phone interview.

apply to one a day

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Plan to research jobs for a few hours every day and commit to applying to at least ONE job per day.  Take the time to make your resume stand out instead of mass dumping your pre-fab resume.  It will yield greater results!

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