Monthly Archives: September 2011

career planning

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Careers are like shoes.  You will try on many different types in your lifetime.  If one pair hurts, you try a different pair. Don’t be afraid to switch career paths if you aren’t satisfied with where you are headed!

interview help

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If you have never been on the interviewee side of a phone interview, have a friend call and ask standard interview questions. Record yourself and play it back – listen for areas of awkward phrasing, strained pauses, and deficient answers. Phone interviews do not always convey your personality. Practice!

update monthly for taxes

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A great way to be prepared for tax season with your business is to do a monthly audit. Pretend that you have to fill out those nasty tax forms and organize all your invoices, receipts, and reconcile Quickbooks. A little work every month will make your taxes a breeze.

garage sales

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If you hold a garage sale to get rid of some extra household items, be certain it will all be gone at the end of the day.  For the last hour, post a “free!” sign on everything that hasn’t sold.  Rent or borrow a pick up truck, and at the end of the sale, load up and drop it off at a charity.

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