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tell us about yourself

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Don’t waste the interview question, “Tell us a little bit about yourself” on non-job related information. Practice your answer so that you are showcasing your skills and intelligence right from the start of the interview. Be sure to include your educational credits to establish credibility.

Current events

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When going in for an interview, make sure you brush up on your current events. Listen to NPR in the morning, read the top headlines, and be sure to focus on websites that publish industry-related information. Most employers want someone well-rounded who specializes in the job for which they are hiring.

Grammar tip 43

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A comma splice is an incredibly common punctuation error.  If your sentence looks awfully long, take a second look. Are there two dependent clauses connected by a comma without a conjunction? Can you use a semicolon instead?  It’s one of the easiest fixable grammatical errors!

resume tip 4

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For your resume, ensure you are using keywords from the job description. Most companies use resume screening software and are triggered to flag your resume based on the amount of hits for keywords. By not altering your resume to match, you are missing out!

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