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movie or book quote

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Choose a pertinent movie, book, or song quote that reflects your leadership style, work ethic, or career direction. ¬†When asked, “Tell us a little about yourself,” use this quote to tie your answer together; it is both memorable and meaningful. Cite your source!

find one thing

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Pick one thing about you that is unique (recent trip to Morocco, restored a 1957 Chevy, etc.) to bring up during your interview. It shows your personality and gives the interviewer something else besides work-related material over which to connect with you!

writing thank yous

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No matter what job you just interviewed for–a server position at Red Lobster or the Marketing Director of a corporation–always hand write a thank you note and send it to your interviewer/search committee. Use good quality note cards and write legibly!

junk drawers

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When doing a home “clean sweep,” start with your junk drawers. Throw away expired coupons, half used pens, and anything that clutters. Useful items should be placed into labeled areas so they can be found easily and actually used!

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