Monthly Archives: March 2012

spontaneous dance break

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Stop whatever you are doing right now, put on a great song, and take a dance break. (No, seriously!)  Jen’s famous “spontaneous dance parties” can help you feel better instantly, give you a fresh perspective, and give you an energy boost no matter where you are!

New pursuits

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Feel like your career is a little stale? Stimulate your job with a non-job related new pursuit (curling, cooking class, gaming league, whatever!); you’ll find that these fresh experiences can trigger creativity for your current job.

use your vacation time

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Spring is approaching, and it’s a good reminder to reflect on our own rejuvenation. Take your unused vacation time and schedule a trip!  Don’t feel bad about leaving your work behind for a while and spending some “you” time. Balance is key to being good at all aspects of life!


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At the end of each month, commit to a recurring time to go through your personal finances. Review your spending habits and plan for future big purchases. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll find yourself less likely to be crunched for cash when you need it.

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