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Tip of the Week is on hold: Jen is off running around on vacation with our friendly neighbors to the north.  She returns from Canada on August 7th!

thank you notes

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Post-interview thank you notes give you the chance to demonstrate your written communication skills. Use this opportunity to stand out with creative and genuine gratitude. Don’t copy a template–be sincere!


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Ever wonder if you have too much “stuff” in your house?  Quick test: open a “junk” drawer. If there are multiples of the same item, you’ve discovered  a great place to start getting rid of the extras that are just clutter!

special occasion

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Your atttitude during a job search can seriously affect its outcome. When you start to feel weary or discouraged, it can come across in cover letters or phone interviews.  Take a break if you are feeling overwhelmed–start fresh the next day!


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Sometimes the job search process can make you feel weary. Ask someone close to you to be your own personal cheerleader.  For every fifth job you apply for, ask them to help you celebrate making progress!


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Not everyone is naturally charismatic. That’s ok!  No one will even notice as long as you exude competence, earnestness, and professionalism.

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