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Less is more

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When it comes to formatting your resume, LESS is MORE! Use bold, italics, and underlining sparingly. Use formatting to draw the eye to the most important information like your job title and not the dates of employment.

emailing resumes

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When given the chance, if an employer gives you the option to send an electronic copy of your resume or send it in through the mail, I recommend emailing your resume and cover letter.  Most employers will have to scan the paper copies into .pdfs anyway, so this helps them eliminate a step–plus, you can follow up easier with an email asking if they received it a few days later.

getting proofreaders

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After you’ve written your cover letter, make sure you get it proofread by another set of eyes.  If you can’t find someone willing to read it for spelling errors and punctuation, at least read it out loud.  You’ll be able to identify errors easier that way.

Happy New Year

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If your New Year’s resolution is to find a new job, remember this important strategy: tell everyone you know and everyone you meet that you are looking for a job and what exactly you are looking for. Increase your job searching ability exponentially with additional eyes!

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