Jennifer brought extreme clarity and professionalism to my curriculum vitae and cover letters. Before her assistance, I was writing with pretentious diction and meaningless words. I needed a calming influence on not only my business writing style, but also my mental approach to seeking my preferred career. Jen erased all self doubts and instilled a concentration on concise statements that have dramatically improved my application process.

Jared Lucas, Co-Founder of Urban Ecoforms

I originally asked Jen for help through a very difficult and competitive internship because she has this ‘motherly’ quality that puts me at ease. Jen looked over my cover letters and gave me great writing tips, but more importantly, she really helped my true capabilities and natural talents shine through in my cover letters and gave me confidence through a VERY stressful time. I am very grateful for all of Jen’s help.

Jillian Pollock, Clinical Dietitian at Tewksbury State Hospital

I was fortunate to learn of Jennifer Doebler when I needed help with my master’s thesis. Jennifer has a great gift of being able to look at a document and make it better. She proofread my paper and was prompt and efficient with her corrections. I would have paid double for the help she gave me. With her help, I was able to submit my thesis paper on time and graduate. I whole-heartedly recommend the services of Jennifer Doebler.

John Hurst, Assistant Director of Residence Life at Penn State University

Jen was very welcoming. When I was laid-off from my job, she spent time with me reviewing my resume. When I found open positions at Simmons College, where she was previously employed, she spoke on my behalf to hiring managers. She is dedicated to her work and she is loyal to her friends and colleagues. Jen is someone you want on your side!

Kendra Quincy Knauf

Jennifer Doebler was a phenomenal help to me as I transitioned out of the safe haven of college and into the real world. When I continually got the question “What are you doing after college?” Jen was able to calm me down and walk me through the decision process. She coached me on how to weigh the pros and cons of each of my possibilities. Once I had reached a decision, she helped advise me on the step-by-step process to make these dreams a reality. Jen combines the perfect amount of direction and information with a sense of humor and heartfelt encouragement.

Mackenzie Oppenheim, Events Coordinator at the University of Maryland Innovations Institute

After having Jen review my resume several years ago, now I would not consider applying for new employment without seeking her advice. I thought that I had written a pretty good cover letter and resume, but Jen was able to give me the feedback to make it exceptional. She has an amazing ability to make the most mediocre of details sound like extraordinary accomplishments. With her creativity and writing ability, Jen will make dramatic improvements in anyone’s employment application materials.

Patrick Gallagher, School Programs Coordinator at the W. Alton Jones Campus of the University of Rhode Island