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leadership style

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If you are applying for a management position, be sure you know how to respond to the question, “What is your leadership style?”  It helps the interviewer understand your future as a manager and how you will fit into the corporate culture.

volunteer 2

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Build your network from the ground up by getting involved in different aspects of your community.  Volunteer at a food bank, tutor some neighborhood kids, or sign up to be on the Block Party committee.  Every connection can help you in the future, and you will feel good about the time you are spending working on that network foundation!


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When your life/relationship/job/job search/anything becomes overwhelming, go outside and take a walk. Don’t bring your iPod. Spend some quality time listening to the wind, smell the grass and the trees, and enjoy the feeling of the Spring sun on your arms. Nature helps us remember not to stress!

take risks 2

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Does your day-to-day routine feel stale?  Are you losing motivation in this bleak economy?  Take a risk and see how much inspiration pours into your life!  Sign up for a marathon!  Take all your vacation time at once and explore Bali!  Take a hike…and don’t stop till you know what you want to do!

balancing your finances

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Once a year, most people go to the doctors for a physical. One of the most crucial areas that many people ignore is their financial health; commit yearly to meeting with a financial planner to make sure you are being smart with your money!

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