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murphy’s oil soap

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For interviews, you need to be able to articulate how your skill set is applicable to many different areas of a company’s needs – the more unexpected, the more valuable. Just like Murphy’s Oil Soap cleans wood floorings, it’s also a great laundry stain remover!

organizational skills

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Take five minutes before you leave work to organize yourself for the next morning. This one action will save you time and aggravation every day; no more missing papers, lost to-do lists, or forgotten early morning appointments.


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When writing your resume, bullets are the easiest way to format chunks of important information you want the recruiter to see.  In each statement, list the PAR (Problem, Actions, Results) of the idea so that the bullet tells a story of success not list things you’ve done.

accounting qb

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When using Quickbooks, always remember to check the date on any item you are working on.  If you had to correct an invoice from a few days prior, Quickbooks defaults to THAT date–not the present.  Double check to ensure accuracy!

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